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Creature Feature: Bluefin Tuna           01/June/2013

  • Meet the magnificent Bluefin Tuna!
  • Bluefin’s vary wildly in size, between 15 inches to 2.5 meters!
  • They often travel in schools of up to 120 individuals, helping each other catch small fish, eels and crustaceans.
  • Unfortunately for these Tuna, their meat is hugely sought-after. One 2 meter Bluefin can sell for a whopping $736,000.
  • They are a primary example of a species being heavily over-fished; so much so that their population has declined by approximately 80%.
  • Factory ships – mostly French, Spanish or Italian – vacuum up entire schools of Bluefin for selling to Japan.
  • They can capture an entire school within a matter of seconds, and begin to fatten them up or fish-farm them to breed more before selling.
  • If nothing is done about the colossal amount of Bluefin being caught, this species will be wiped out in our lifetime.

To learn more about this fantastic creature and to find out what you can do to help, please visit us at

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